Central Atlantic Legal Group, PLLC understands that efficient and productive business organizations are committed to the use of the latest technology to assist in the collection of delinquent and defaulted accounts.

The software program utilized by Central Atlantic Legal Group, PLLC is "Collection Partner," developed and serviced by Hubbard Systems, Inc.. Collection Partner is a nationally recognized, comprehensive debt collection software program designed to manage any number of debtor files.

Central Atlantic Legal Group, PLLC can provide reports for clients, including wedge reports and batch tracking, both of which provide clients a detailed and accurate method of monitoring collection rates. Furthermore, clients may access their debtor case files for regular auditing purposes.

Customized reports, remittance formats, and due diligence reporting can be provided as requested by the client. The partners and staff of Central Atlantic Legal Group, PLLC are proficient with Collection Partner; therefore, enabling them to efficiently manage and report on an extensive caseload.

Central Atlantic Legal Group, PLLC utilizes a modern IT infrastructure of numerous Dell servers, Dell workstations, security hardware and software, redundant data backup, and "intelligent" networking equipment to provide safe, secure, and reliable IT operations.